CIMER 2013 Keynote Speaker

Leila Alem is a principal research scientist at the CSIRO’s ICT Centre Information Engineering research Laboratory based in Sydney. Her formal training is in artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology. She has designed and evaluated numerous advanced decision support systems and advanced computer supported training. Over the last 18 years of her career at CSIRO she has designed and evaluated various advanced user interfaces for domains including mining, aviation, automotive and health. Since 2005 her main focus of research has been in the area Human Factors in computer mediated collaboration settings. She has conducted several laboratory and field experiments to investigate these factors. Drawing on cognitive psychology, social science and human-computer-interface research she has investigated the media factors, the cognitive factors and the social factors at play in telepresence systems and environments. Leila Alem

Leila Alem is currently leading the Human System Integration project within CSIRO Minerals Down Under flagship. This project investigates the utility and value of various emerging User Interfaces for remote mining including: mixed reality UI, immersive environment, 3D UIs and wearable Augmented reality UIs.

Her current research interest include : Human Computer Interaction, Computer mediated interaction, Evaluation of information systems

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