IEEE ISMAR 2013 Workshop on

Collaboration in Merging Realities (CiMeR)

October 1, 2013
Adelaide, SA, Australia

Our world is becoming more complex every day, and so problem solving often requires people to form teams and work remotely. To support this a variety of teleconferencing and telepresence technologies have been developed. However, most of them have involved some variation of traditional video conferencing with known limitations. In this workshop we will focus on how Augmented Reality (AR) and Mediated Reality (MR) technology can be used to enhance the remote collaboration experience and developed radically new types of collaborative experiences.

AR and MR systems allow experts to virtually be at any place in the world without traveling. In AR, virtual data is overlaid on top of physical reality, allowing the flexibility of virtual reality to be used while being grounded in physical reality. In contrast, MR adds to, subtracts information from, or otherwise manipulates the user's perception of reality. In combination, AR and MR technologies can be used to merge the shared perceived realities of different users as well as enriching their own individual experience.

This workshop addresses the above vision. The goal is to bring together researchers who are interested in collaboration in merging realities. The participants will provide a snapshot of current research on using AR and MR for collaboration as well as setting up a common research agenda for work going forward. This, in turn, will help build a larger research community.